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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


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Wonderful story and outcome, Crystal. It parallels my wife's who was dying from Lupus 5 or 6 years ago and her doctors "north of the border" (here in San Diego) were all saying that all they could do for her was to put her on "steroids" and hope for the best. Yeah, right!

In our view, it was such a blatant arrogant display of ignorance and condescension on their part.

So, clearly knowing more than they did, we went to Sanoviv. There was no other viable alternative in our view since we'd been in USANA for about 12 years at that point (now nearly 16) and were/are among the top earning Associates in the company. This allowed us to be very familiar with the scientific background, accomplishments, and enormous contributions to millions of people's health and well-being worldwide made by Dr. Myron Wentz - the founder of Sanoviv and USANA.

When by wife arrived a Sanoviv, she literally was at "death's edge". However, within a couple of weeks of being there her health and vitality was fully restored. Furthermore, by strictly adhering to the recommendations given to her by the Physicians and Health Professionals, she's been able to remain virtually symptom free ever since leaving Sanoviv and has NOT had to be on any medications whatsoever.

Almost needless to say, she takes plenty of the USANA nutritionals, avoids toxins, eats low-glycemic meals, consumes plenty of fruits and vegetables while eliminating dairy products and meat, exercises regularly, drinks pure water, manages stress, and takes certain herbs, etc.

As you mentioned, if my wife had been admitted to "north of the border" hospitals, continued her (mis)care by "traditional" naive Physicians, etc, the cost would have probably been 20, 30, or more times what it was to go to Sanoviv...not to mention that her body would have gotten fat from the steroids and her life expectancy shorted (how depressing)!

She's now, and has been for years, trim, vivacious, and better looking now than many years ago. (She's 58 and I'm 64).

Thanks for you blog! You write and express yourself very well indeed. It was a pleasure reading your inspiring story and for those who have the eyes, ears heart, and smarts to truly get what you're saying it will be a most precious blessing for them and their loved ones!



I cried when I read your testimony. Years ago I began my search for a medical alternative hospital. I believe God lead me to Sanoviv. I was thrilled to meet so many physicans who were open minded about alternative health. My daughter & I spent three weeks there. For me it was like walking into the Garden of Eden.
My daughter has stubborn fibroid tumors. When she left Sanoviv almost 3 yrs ago she felt better than she ever had in her life even though the hopes that these type of tumors would shrink were glim. Since then they have grown larger and they want to surgically remove them.
I decided to search further in hopes to find another hospital or doctor to help her. I have yet to find another place that even comes close to the standards of Sanoviv.
As we sat with our new found friends we heard many touching stories of remarkable healings. Some had been in wheelchairs suffering from MS but were now walking the path every morning. For me there is no other way. The saddest thing for me to witness is someone putting their life into the hands of another human being. I believe we need to take control of our own health and learn to listen to that voice within which will speak and guide us. God was clearly speaking to me when I was a young girl and I am so glad I listened. Here is a very brief story about how my journey began.
I spent most of my childhood feeling tired and my doctor recommended my mom give me a Hershey bar for a quick pick me up
and since I was thin I could have anything I wanted to eat.
By the age of 19 I knew there was something very wrong with that picture and had hypoglycemia, painful monthly cycles and a tumor on my uterus.
That began my journey with altenative health. I began a detox, had colonics, stopped eating white flour and sugar & was under the care of medical/alternative doctor who believed eating for your blood type. Within months a grapefruit size tumor on my uterus had shrunk and my monthly cycle was not keeping in bed with heavy bleeding.
Well this was a no brainer for me. This worked for me and I loved the way I felt physically & mentally.
Back then I was thought of as a nut. I wanted to tell everyone about the toxins we had been ingesting.To my surprise not everyone was as happy as I was. As the years went by we saw what a healthy lifestyle could do. My 82 yr. old mom was told she looked 67. Her skin was beautiful, she was at the gym 3x a wk. and walked the boardwalk twice a day. I couldn't relate to others when they were making frequent visits with their kids
to the doctor for ear, throat & other problems. I was at home giving them an alternative remedy that was slower to work but helped their body heal.
I am happy to say they were never immunized, have never been on medication and both lead a healty lifestyle with an abundance of raw food.They incorporate this life into their profession as well.
As the years went by I am happy to see alot of other nuts have joined me. I believe God has given us the tools to live a long healthy life. I have been sharing about health and about His way of eating for over 35 yrs.
So in March I will be studying to be a health minister. I pray that you are richly blessed with a long healthy life. Your story touched my heart.

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